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Wealth Management

Hausman Advisors: Your Personal Wealth Engineer

To convert a good idea into solid substance, applied scientists create elegant simplicity while accounting for every intricacy along the way with deliberate process. As your Personal Wealth Engineer, that’s how we approach your wealth management, too.

Melding personalized financial life planning with evidence-based (“passively managed”) investment strategy, we mix innovative inspiration, deliberate calculation and patient pursuit, so you can proceed with confidence in your lifelong wealth experience.

Inquisitive Exploration

We dig deep to get to know you and your family. Where are you, today and where do you want to go? What do you imagine for your career, your interests, your relationships … your life? We don’t just ask, “What are your goals?” We guide you through a process of revealing the life you envision.

Insightful Planning

We present you with a detailed action plan to address your greatest goals and bring clarity to your wealth. In particular, we organize and focus your interests in four key financial concerns:

  • Enhancing wealth through the science of investing
  • Protecting wealth through targeted risk management
  • Transferring wealth through legacy planning
  • Donating wealth through tax-favored charitable giving

​Collaborative Action

We harness seasoned experience and sensible solutions to convert your plans into action. As particular needs arise, we’ll bring in our own or your specialized professionals (such as estate planning attorneys, insurance agents or CPAs), working in concert to champion your and your family’s highest interests.

Experienced Oversight

Upfront and ongoing, we integrate the many moving parts in your financial life into a tightly coordinated whole.

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