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Hausman Advisors and Buckingham Retirement Solutions – the Evolution of 401(k) Plans

We believe that your well-managed 401(k) plan should receive the same level of care and commitment that we offer individual investors. To that end, we are proud to introduce you our distinct 401(k) plan solution, in alliance with Buckingham Retirement Solutions.

Experienced Oversight, Select Service.

Serving as your plan’s Personal Wealth Engineer, our select team of independent providers offer specialized know-how in their discipline, while acting as a unified force under our oversight. Our allied Buckingham Retirement Solutions team includes:

  • Hausman Advisors - In our role as an ERISA 3(21) advisor, we offer counsel on your general plan governance, provide investment recommendations and serve as a fiduciary to your plan.

  • Buckingham Retirement Solutions - Under our oversight, Buckingham acts in the role of an ERISA 3(38) advisor, with full discretion over selecting and monitoring your plan’s investment offerings. This removes investment selection liability from your plan-sponsor plate!

  • Third-Party Administrators and Recordkeepers - We can ease the burden placed on your internal H.R. staff by providing TPA/Recordkeepers who have been thoroughly vetted by Buckingham Retirement Solutions to optimize your plan’s design and annual compliance testing, and maintain and provide mandated reporting for participant accounts.

  • Account CustodianTo ensure proper checks and balances, your 401(k) assets are held by an independent custodian that balances participant accounts daily. 

Combined benefits brought to you by our 401(k) plan service include:

  • Reduced plan sponsor fiduciary liability for youWe take on your investment selection obligations – in writing (We challenge other services you may be exploring to do the same.)

  • An improved investment experience for your plan participants who benefit from the same, science of investing strategies that we bring to our clients’ individual investment portfolios (including evidence-based, “passive investing”).

  • Reduced hassles for your staff, as our team is available to manage the TPA/recordkeeping duties.

  • Fair and transparent costs. We welcome the opportunity to offer an apples-to-apples comparison of the all-in costs of our solution compared to others.


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