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How We Help

Hausman Advisors: Bringing form and function to your wealth.

To navigate your family wealth through ever-changing market conditions, you need more than scattered data points. You need informed advice. You need purpose. You need Hausman Advisors.

Serving as your Personal Wealth Engineer, we help you...

  • Reduce financial stress through proactive planning and objective advice
  • Clarify financial decision-making by helping you envision the big picture, tend to the details that matter, and ignore the distractions that don’t
  • Gain confidence based on personalized financial life planning, evidence-based investment strategy and ongoing wealth oversight
  • Free your time and energy for doing what you love in life, with those who matter to you the most

What it often boils down to is an essential financial question: “Will I be okay?” It’s a common question, but the particulars form a unique image for each client.

Hood River Office

202 Oak Street
Suite 600
Hood River, OR 97031
(503) 922-3010

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Portland Office

10260 SW Greenburg Road
Suite 400
Portland, OR 97223
(503) 922-3010

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