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Financial Life Planning

Life is about change.

Financial Life Planning is about helping you feel confident that your plans are in place to facilitate that change by:

  • Exploring the greater meaning behind your money – including both you and your spouse in the conversations
  • Defining both the tangibles and intangibles that you expect your money to offer you and your family
  • Establishing financial goals that complement your life goals
  • Anticipating life events and transitions, and preparing for them financially
  • Preparing for both the emotions and the practical logistics inherent to managing your money
  • Providing access to a network of professionals to assist with specialized planning needs

In short, we broaden the conversation from asset management to life management. There’s an intuitive wisdom in developing a plan that’s centered around you, your family and your personal circumstances – a plan that uses your money to make a life rather than using your life to make money.

With your Financial Life Plan in place we move into your next financial steps, structuring your investment portfolio and bringing in any related financial services with clarity and confidence as our mutual guiding light.

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